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The initial in-home meeting to evaluate your needs is absolutely free with no obligation. There are no out of pocket expenses. We charge a percentage of the sale total with no upfront fees and our contract clearly spells out scope of work, fees and schedule. 

Estate Sales



Our team of professionals are here to  help you move through the 

liquidation process with the least amount

of effort and stress as possible.

Whether you’re managing a family members estate, downsizing for retirement 

or liquidating a business.  

Call Alex at 917-680-8197.

We are a  qualified company helping to  provide multiple levels of  liquidation services including Estate Sales, tag sales or the  purchase of one or 

more  items from your estate.  

Other specialties include collection liquidation, if you or a family member have been collecting specialty items such as 

Art, Glass, Toys, Gold, Silver,  

Antiques  or Vintage item

Call us to discuss your options.

Appraisal service specialties, Antiques, Art, contemporary and collectables, 

IRS, Insurance, Estate 

planning and Bankruptcy.

All consultations are confidential 

and at no cost to you.

Let Us Help


· Free in home consultation

· National Brand

· Free evaluation of your current situation and your needs

· Professional advise based on our expansive experience

· Work directly with knowledge with your Realtor/Broker, Probate Attorney & Trustees

· Full Service estate sale services

· Clean up & staging

· Pricing all items for sale

· Research and Marketing

· On-line marketing, social media marketing, multiple website listing marketing, exclusive mailing lists, postcards, fliers and industry leader marketing

· Professional Post of Sales system

· List of items sold

· Professional attire

· Professional signage

· Knowledge of your current market place

· 100% care, compassion, 

ethics and integrity

· Peace of mind