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Certified Estate Specialists is a full service Estate Sale Company that will help you obtain the best possible prices for your possessions through a Tag Sale or Private Sale. We also provide Clean-out and Appraisal Services. We are fully licensed and insured.



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With Each and Every Sale…

  • Free Home Content Appraisals.
  • We display all contents from closets, attics and boxes.
  • Straighten up and display items in basement & garage.
  • Setup display tables to market and sell your items.
  • Provide portable jewelry counters for your valuables and smalls.
  • We accept cash and all major credit cards for payment.
  • We have one of the longest selling hours in the industry from 9am to at least 3pm.
  • We provide the necessary personnel to ensure maximum sales and security.
  • We appraise for the sale including but not limited to: antiques, porcelain, china, silver, jewelry, gold, watches, designer clothes, shoes pocketbooks, baseball cards, collectibles, coin and stamp collections, fine art, Furs, automobiles and boats, toys to ensure maximum sale prices.
  • We email our 10,000 plus registered clients about your sale.
  • We place your sale on  6 websites with pictures watched by tag/estate sale buyers at our cost.
  • We place large signs around the community with directions to capture the impulse shopper.
  • We do all the work: From setting up the home for the sale, pricing, researching staffing advertising which includes our email list of registered buyers.
  • We can also provide a cleanout to remove the leftover clutter after the sale, leaving the home broom-swept ready for the closing or whatever you need it for. 



What Makes Us The Premier Tag Sales Company?

  • Our research: many of our competitors have no idea what they are selling never mind what it’s worth.
  • Our advertising is second to none; one of the main reasons in hiring a company is to draw as many buyers to your home as possible and no one does it better then Certified Estate Specialists.
  • The staging of the home; our setup team is the best in the industry. We thoroughly go through attics, closets, and cabinets, meticulously display the items for sale.
  • We help the buyers remove those larger items from the home once it’s sold so there is no damage to the home.
  • We are one of the few if not the only to except all major credit cards.
  • We are the only Insured Tag and Estate Sale agency.
  • We draw the largest crowds of buyers to your home.
  • We have vast experience with Co-Op Boards.
  • We sell everything: from living room sets, dining room sets, fine art, bedroom sets, flatware, lamps, rugs, collectibles, antiques, china, cars, boats, stamp and coin collections, jewelry, designer and non-designer clothes, shoes pocketbooks and accessories, perfumes, kitchenware, outdoor furniture, jewelry, sterling, rugs, chandeliers, window treatments, statues, train sets, books, linen, kitchenware, antiques and collectibles, toys, tools, cars, boats, in fact if you can think of it we have probably sold it.



We are a full service company offering appraisals, sales and cleanout services. Even if you do not use us for a sale, we will remove all contents from your home and leave it broom-swept ready.


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Our team of professionals can handle any type of cleanout. From an entire house including the attic or the garage or just one room.

We remove the things you don’t need or want. That means we take away anything, from old furniture, books, appliances and electronics to yard waste and renovation debris.

Show us what you want removed and we will give you our price, up front with no hidden costs, regardless of how many truckloads or trips it takes, you get a clear and complete estimate without any hidden fees and without guessing.

We do all the removal, lifting, loading, and cleanup, leaving the area broom-swept clean. We even vacuum rugs, wipe counter tops and appliances, and leave your home ready for selling or closing.

We bring strong and efficient people, vacuums, tools, shovels, handcarts, and bags to each site. You never know what will be needed to get the job done.

We remove anything: furniture, appliances, garage, shed & attic stuff, concrete, roofing, renovation refuse, construction materials, flood or fire debris. We can even remove rugs, including removing the tacks and padding to expose the wood floors.

For a free consultation and evaluation or to talk about your needs, CALL US TODAY! 917-680-8197

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Alex and his staff did a great job for me. He guided me through the whole process and kept me calm. He sold things that I didn't even know where worth money. Very honest and reliable.

Shelley B.
Forest Hills, NY

Certified Estate Specialists is an amazing company, very knowledgeable with Antiques and Jewelry. Great staff and courteous service.

Joan S.
Great Neck, NY

Very professional service. Alex really knows what he is doing. Extremely organized and detailed. Made sure my house looked great for optimal sales. Everything was left immaculate after he left.

Richard K.
White Plains, NY